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Applied Scientist II @ Amazon
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Research topics:
Other interests include BIC and QC
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The hardest part of research is always to find a question that's big enough that it’s worth answering, but little enough that you actually can answer it. β€” Prof. Edward Witten

I am Applied Scientist II at Amazon and am a member of the Special Projects Group within Amazon Ads Science (Amazon Science).

Full Bio

Previously, I worked as a Machine Learning Research Scientist at the University of Pittsburgh and also served as the Associate Director of the PittNAIL Lab, working on all things LLM. In addition, I collaborated with researchers at HealthUnity, where we studied Generative AI, with an emphasis on LLMs and applications in healthcare. Before joining Pitt, I worked as a research engineer at DawnLight -- Sequoia Capital-backed Silicon Valley startup in ambient intelligence and edge computing. I also worked for the Mayo Clinic as an AI researcher, focusing on transformer models and graph-based methods.

I hold a bachelor's degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics from Luther College. During my time at college, I did collaborative and individual research in Topology (math), Automated Unit Testing, Artificial Intelligence and Authorship Attribution, and Programming Languages and Type Theory.

Prior to college, I was a college dropout (I dropped out from a Georgian college and eventually obtained my bachelor's from the US college) and worked as a Salesman and Marketing Coordinator at Insta, a reputable Electrical Engineering, Smart Home, and Automation company headquartered in Tbilisi, Georgia. I have also co-founded a startup, had another startup project, and did some graphic design freelancing work.

In my middle and high school days, I competed in national mathematics Olympiad of Georgia and am a multiple-time finalist. I was also an IMO and IPhO nominee for the national team of Georgia. Though, I focused more on general education and have not dedicated a lot of time to math and physics. This has ultimately earned me a gold medal for academic excellence, which is granted to a handful of graduates in the country, but likely cost me international competition medals in math and physics.

Before all that, I was a die hard football (actual football) amateur player and fan.


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